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Help with custom rules not working

03 May 2019 - 01:58 PM

So all of the sudden this code isnt working and when I click on any menus for the rules they don't expand like they should?  Is the code old and been updated?  Or is something out of place and messing it up?  Cant find out what the problem is.  Thanks and hope you can help

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.nitrograf...e/css/rules.css">
<style type="text/css">
#body_options_26 .pagebody .report {display:none;}
#body_options_26 #rulestabs {display:block!important;visibility:visible!important;}

#rulestabs {margin-top:0px;width:100%;margin-left:0px;margin-bottom:0;padding-bottom:15px;}
#rulestabs p {margin:0;}
#rulestabs h3 {text-align:left!important;padding:5px;padding-left:20px;width:97%;margin-bottom:2px;}
#rulestabs h3 a {color:#aaa;text-decoration:none!important;}
#rulestabs h3 a:hover {text-decoration:underline!important;}
#rulestabs .subhead {text-decoration:underline;}


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://nitrografixx....atedcollapse.js">
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<div id="rulestabs">

<h4><b><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.show(['Tab01', 'Tab02', 'Tab03', 'Tab04', 'Tab05', 'Tab06', 'Tab07', 'Tab08', 'Tab09', 'Tab10', 'Tab11', 'Tab12', 'Tab13', 'Tab14', 'Tab15', 'Tab16', 'Tab17', 'Tab18', 'Tab19', 'Tab20', 'Tab21', 'Tab22', 'Tab23', 'Tab24', 'Tab25', 'Tab26'])"><b>Expand All</b></a> | <a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.hide(['Tab01', 'Tab02', 'Tab03', 'Tab04', 'Tab05', 'Tab06', 'Tab07', 'Tab08', 'Tab09', 'Tab10', 'Tab11', 'Tab12', 'Tab13', 'Tab14', 'Tab15', 'Tab16', 'Tab17', 'Tab18','Tab19','Tab20', 'Tab21', 'Tab22', 'Tab23', 'Tab24', 'Tab25', 'Tab26', 'Tab27'])"><b>Hide All</b></a> | <a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.show(['Tab01','Tab04','Tab18', 'Tab21', 'Tab22', 'Tab23', 'Tab24', 'Tab25'])"><b>Show Sub Menus</b></a></b></h4>

        <font size=3><h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab01')" class="tabhead">Section 1: LEAGUE INFO</a></h3>
        <div id="Tab01" style="display:none">      
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d>League Name:<b><font color="FCF806"> MVP Dynasty</font></b></p>    
                                 <p><d>*</d> IDP</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1 point PPR</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 26 Starters (11 Offense and 15 Defense)</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 4 divisions</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Up to 80 man rosters</p>  
                                 <p><d>*</d> I.R spots up to 30</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Taxi Squad spots up to 15</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Salaries</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Contract Years <i>(up to 5 years per player)</i></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 125 contract year cap</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Cap Hits</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Salary Cap</p></font>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 3 RFA Tags</p>
                                 <br />

        <font size=3><h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab02')" class="tabhead"><b>Section 2:</b> ACCOUNTING</a></h3>
                        <div id="Tab02" style="display:none">

<p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab03')" class="subhead">a) DUES</a>
        <div id="Tab03" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> All payments/payouts are provided to and from <a href="https://www.leaguesafe.com/" target=_blank">LeagueSafe.com</a></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Each owner will submit a $60 payment to <a href="https://www.leaguesafe.com/" target=_blank">LeagueSafe.com</a> no later than the deadline in the League Calendar every year</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> If an owner wishes to trade a pick from the following season, they will have to pay $30 (or half of the next years fees) to <a href="https://www.leaguesafe.com/" target=_blank">LeagueSafe.com</a>.  When that is done the trade will be confirmed and not revoked.  The $30 payment is to be paid within <b>24 hours</b> of the trade, No Exceptions.  If payment isn't received within the 24 hours the trade, the trade will be revoked.  <b>This $30 payment will be un-refundable</b></p>

                                 <br />

<p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab04')" class="subhead">B) PAYOUTS</a>
<div id="Tab04" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1st---- <b>$350</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2nd---- <b>$150</b></p>                      
                                 <p><d>*</d> 3rd---- <b>$100</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Season High Score---- <b>$50</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Site Fees---- <b>$70</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Total---- <b>$60 x 12 = $720 - $70 = $650</b></p>
                                 <br />

<h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab05')" class="tabhead">Section 3: LEAGUE SCHEDULE'S</a></h3>
                <div id="Tab05" style="display:none">

<p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab06')" class="subhead">a) SEASON SCHEDULE</a>
        <div id="Tab06" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Regular Season:</b> 13 weeks</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Playoffs:</b> 4 division champions as well as 2 Wild Card teams</p>                      
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Wild Card:</b> Teams are the next 2 teams with the best winning percentage, regardless of division</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Toilet Bowl:</b> All of the teams that did not make the playoffs will participate in the Toilet Bowl Playoffs</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Seeding:</b> Teams will be seeded #1-#6 in order of winning percentage</p>
                 <br />
                                 <br />
        <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab07')" class="subhead">B) PLAYOFFS</a>
                <div id="Tab07" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> Tie breakers for playoff seeding</p>
                                 <p><i><b> 1. Winning Percentage</b></i></p>
                                 <p><i><b> 2. Total Points Scored</b></i></p>
                                 <p><i><b> 3. Head-to-Head Record</b></i></p>
                                 <p><i><b> 4. Power Rank</b></i></p>
                                 <br />  
                                 <p><d>*</d><b> Week 14 Games</b><p>
                                 <p><i>#1 Seed and #2 seeds have a bye weeek</i></p>
                                 <p><i><b> Game 1</b> - #3 seed vs. #6 seed</i></p>
                                 <p><i><b> Game 2</b> - #4 seed vs. #5 seed</i></p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d><b> Week 15 Games</b></p>
                                 <p><i><b> Game 1</b> - #1 seed vs. lowest remaining seed</i></p>
                                 <p><i><b> Game 2</b> - #2 seed vs. highest remaining seed</i></p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d><b> Week 16 Games</b></p>
                                 <p><i><b> Championship Game</b> - Winners of week 15 playoff games</i></p>                    
                                 <br />
                                 <br />  
                <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab08')" class="subhead">c) CALENDAR</a>
                <div id="Tab08" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>February 8</b>-- New Site Unveiled - Owner Activity begins</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>February 15</b>-- New League Year - Owner Activity Required</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>February 15</b>-- League Fee Deadline</p>  
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>February 15</b>-- Activate or Drop IR players</p>  
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>February 15</b>-- Trading Opens</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>February 22</b>-- Franchise Tags/Resigning Drafted Players Deadline</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>March 1</b>-- RFA Tags due</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>March 2</b>-- RFA begins</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>May 12/or earlier if vote passes</b>-- Rookie Draft</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>July 1st/or earlier if vote passes</b>-- FA Auction</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>September 1</b>-- Rookie/FA Contract Deadline</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>September 1</b>-- Holdout Contract Deadline</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>September 1</b>-- Taxi Squad Designation Deadline</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>September 1</b>-- FCFS Opens</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Kickoff Week 1</b>-- Blind Bidding Begins</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Kickoff Week 12</b>-- Trade Deadline</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Kickoff Week 16</b>-- Waiver Wire Closes</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Week 16</b>-- Final Voting on League Rules</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Week 17</b>-- Final Off-season - No Owner Activity</p>
                                 <br />


<h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab09')" class="tabhead">Section 4:  <font color="red">OWNER REQUIREMENTS</font></a></h3>
<div id="Tab09" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>1st offense:</b> If an owner fails to submit a lineup during the fantasy season, that Owner will then receive a $50 cap hit penalty immediately.  Owners cap must be rectified by the start of the next weeks games on Thursday.  If cap isn't rectified by then, that will count as a 2nd offense and owner will be removed from league with no refund.</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>2nd offense:</b> If the same team does not submit a lineup a second time this will be an immediate removal from the league with no refund!  <font color="red">NO EXCEPTIONS</font></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d>  <font color="red"><b>There will be no penalty for not submitting a lineup before Thursday nights games, but for league integrity and competition purposes, please get lineups submitted before every Thursday Night's game</b></font></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> If an owner is absent for more than 7 days during weeks 1-16 of fantasy season and 14+ days during the offseason (from week 16 until start of NFL season).  Owner will be given a 3 strike rule</p>
                                 <p><a2><i> 3 Strike Rule example:</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i> Owner will be sent 3 emails and if owner doesn't respond or log into the site within 24 hours of last email, owner will be removed from the league and $60 payment made for that year will not be refunded</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Owners who don't vote on polls will have no say in what changes will be in place after the poll closes. So everyone please vote on all polls</p>
                                 <br />


<h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab11')" class="tabhead">Section 5:  SALARY/CONTRACT/TAGS</a></h3>
<div id="Tab11" style="display:none">

                <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab12')" class="subhead">a) CONTRACTS</a>
        <div id="Tab12" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> Salary Cap: $1,000</p>
                                 <p><a2><i> Salary cap will change depending on which owners win each of the 3 MFL Pool's.  Refer to section 11 for more details</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Minimum Player Salary: $5</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Contract Years: 125 years</p>
         <p><d>*</d> 1-5 years per player</p>  
                 <p><a2><i> EXAMPLE: </i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i> You win Adrian Peterson in the auction for $100</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i> Then you decide to sign him for 5 years</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i> So that is $100 the first year, $100 the second year, $100 the third year, etc</i></a2></p>
                                 <br />
                                 <br />
                <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab13')" class="subhead">B) CAP HITS</a>
        <div id="Tab13" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> When you drop a player, you will get a cap hit of half his salary</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> If a player is listed as a Free Agent in the NFL and remains a Free agent for that season you will still get the normal cap hit, as explained below, if you drop them</p>
                                 <p><a2><i> EXAMPLE:</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i> If you drop Adrian Peterson when he has a $100 salary, then you will get a cap hit of $50</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Players will get a cap hit the next year too</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> There will be no contract year cap hit</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> The cap hit the following season will be a quarter of the rest of his contract</p>
                                 <p><a2><i> EXAMPLE:</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i> If you drop Adrian Peterson when he has a 4 year $100 contract, then the next season you will get a cap hit of $75</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i> (3 remaining years X $100 / 4)</i></a2></p>
                                 <br />
                                 <br />
                <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab14')" class="subhead">c) WAIVER WIRE</a>
                <div id="Tab14" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Blind Bidding:</b> Mon Sep 9 9:00:00 p.m. ET 2013 until Wed Sep 11 9:00:00 p.m. ET 2013 (Happens 15 more weeks.)</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>FCFS:</b> Wed Sep 11 9:15:00 p.m. ET 2013 until Mon Sep 16 9:00:00 p.m. ET 2013 (Happens 15 more weeks.)</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Players from the Waiver Wire are signed to 1 year contracts</p>
                                 <p><a2><i>Blind bidding</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i>You make bids on free agents even though you don't know how much other teams are bidding</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i>minimum bid is $5</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i>Bid in $1 increments</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i>Whoever bids the highest amount gets the player</i></a2></p>                  
                                 <p><a2><i>For more information, go to the <a href="http://football.myfa...H=blind bidding">Help Center</a></i></a2></p>
                                 <br />

                                 <br />
                <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab15')" class="subhead">d) EXPIRED CONTRACTS</a>
                <div id="Tab15" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> When a player that you drafted in the Rookie Draft has an expired contract, you may give them an additional 1-5 year contract. You may only do this one time after the players original draft contract years expire</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Otherwise, when a players contract expires, you can give him a Franchise Tag or he will become a Free Agent</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <br />
                <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab16')" class="subhead">e) FRANCHISE TAG</a>
                <div id="Tab16" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> Owners will have the ability to Franchise Tag 3 players</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> A player who's contract has expired and is given a new contract for 1 year</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> His salary will be the average of the top 5 salaries at his position</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> To figure the franchise tag salary for a player go by this:  
                                 <p><a2>Take the top 5 players salaries for that position and add them up.  Then next, divide them by 5 and that will be the cost the following season to franchise tag a player for 1 year</a2></p>
                                 <br />
                                 <br />
                <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab17')" class="subhead">f) HOLDOUTS</a>
                <div id="Tab17" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> When a player finishes the NFL regular season as a top 5 points leader at his position, he will be a holdout if he doesn't have a salary that is at least half of a franchise player's salary</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> If you re-sign a hold out then their new salary will be half the amount of a franchise players salary</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Contract years do not change</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> If you don't want to pay that much then you have to drop them</p>  
                                 <p><d>*</d> To figure the new salary for a holdout will be as follows:</p>
                                 <p><a2>Take the top 5 players salaries for that position of which the player you have that is holding out, and add them up.  Then next divide that total by 5 and then divide that total by 2 to get the holdout salary of your player for the upcoming season and beyond.  So if total isn't even round the total up to the nearest dollar amount.  For example if the holdout salary is $25.1-$25.9 round up to 26 to make it even</a2></p>
                                 <br />
                                 <br />
                <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab18')" class="subhead">g) RETIRED PLAYERS</a>
                <div id="Tab18" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> You will no longer be responsible for a players contract once the player has officially retired</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <br />
                                 <br />
                <p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab19')" class="subhead">h) RESTRICTED FREE AGENT TAGS</a>
                <div id="Tab19" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> Owners will have the ability to RFA Tag 3 players with either a 1st - 7th round rookie draft pick. The tagged players must be posted on the message board before the RFA Tag deadline</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> Owners can't use the same pick compensation for another player they're tagging.  If you you use a first on a player, then you cannot use a first on another tagged player.  This is the same for every other pick you use for your RFA tagged player</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> The commissioner will start a message board topic titled "RFA Tags".  This is where owners will post which players they want to place a RFA Tag on</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> Draft pick compensation must be a draft pick from the same season as the auction, and cannot be a pick from future seasons</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> There will be no matching or waiting till after the draft is done to retain your player.  YOU MUST BID ON YOUR PLAYER TO RETAIN THEM.  So if you want to keep your tagged player, you must be the high bidder and win the auction for him</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> The team that wins a RFA Tagged player, and has multiple picks in that round, will send whichever pick they desire to the previous owner of the player they just acquired.  <i>Refer to last part of this section for more info</i></p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> The RFA Auction will be the same setup as the Free Agent Auction, with the only difference owners are not permitted to add players to the auction block that aren't being tagged.  Bids must be in increments of $1.  Refer to Auction guidelines in section 8 for more info </p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> The salaries for the RFA Tags will be as follows:</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><a2> <b>1st Round Tag:</b> Starting bid/Minimum salary = $40</a2></p>
                                 <p><a2> <b>2nd Round Tag:</b> Starting bid/Minimum salary = $30</a2></p>
                                 <p><a2> <b>3rd Round Tag:</b> Starting bid/Minimum salary = $20</a2></p>
                                 <p><a2> <b>4th Round Tag:</b> Starting bid/Minimum salary = $10</a2></p>  
                                 <p><a2> <b>5th - 7th Round Tag:</b> Starting bid/Minimum salary = $5</a2></p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> RFA Tagged players will be put up for a separate auction than the normal FA auction.  Owners will put all their players for each round up for auction</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><a2> Example:  Owners will put all 1st round tagged players up for acution and when those guys clear the commissioner will go to the next round of players and so on</a2></p>  
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> Only teams that have a pick in the round that the RFA player is Tagged with can bid on him.  If you don't have a pick in that round you are not allowed to bid on that player</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><a2> So if a player is tagged with a 1st round pick and you don't have one.  You will not be able to bid on that certain player.  If you do however have a pick in another and a player is tagged with that pick you have the option to bid on that player</a2></p>  
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> The team that won the player during RFA's will send a trade offer for draft pick compensation.  If the owner has multiple picks in that round, the new owner will pick which pick they wish to send to the previous owner.  This must be done as soon as the new franchise acquires the player from the auction.  <font color="#FF0000"><b>The previous owner must Accept the trade</b> and not reject or counter it</p></font>  
                                 <br />
                                 <p><a2> <b>The trade offer should look like this</b></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i> <b>Team A:</b> will give Round 1 draft pick</i></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2><i> <b>Team B:</b> Leave this blank</p> </i></a2></p>
                                 <br />


<h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab20')" class="tabhead">Section 6: ROSTERS</a></h3>
<div id="Tab20" style="display:none">
                                 <BR />
                                 <p><b>Offensive Starting Lineup Requirements (11 players):</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Number of Starting QBs: 1-2</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Number of Starting RBs: 2-4</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Number of Starting WRs: 2-5</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Number of Starting TEs: 1-2</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Number of Starting PKs: 1</p>    
                                 <br />
                                 <p><b>Defensive Starting Lineup Requirements (15 players):</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Number of Starting DT+DEs: 3-5</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Number of Starting LBs: 4-6</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Number of Starting CBs: 2-3</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Number of Starting Ss: 3-6</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> <b>Taxi Squad:</b> 15 player maximum</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Unlimited Cap</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Players can remain on taxi squad for their whole NFL career</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Only Rookies can be put on the taxi squad before the deadline in the league schedule</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Once an owner moves a player from the taxi squad to the active roster, that player is not eligible to be put back on the taxi squad</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Any player dropped from the taxi squad will not incur a salary cap penalty. Contact the Commissioner after player was dropped, so cap hit will be deleted</p>
                                 <br />

        <h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab21')" class="tabhead">Section 7:  ROOKIE DRAFT</a></h3>
<div id="Tab21" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.01--- <b>$33</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.02--- <b>$32</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.03--- <b>$31</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.04--- <b>$30</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.05--- <b>$29</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.06--- <b>$28</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.07--- <b>$27</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.08--- <b>$26</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.09--- <b>$25</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.10--- <b>$24</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.11--- <b>$23</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 1.12--- <b>$22</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.01--- <b>$21</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.02--- <b>$20</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.03--- <b>$19</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.04--- <b>$18</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.05--- <b>$17</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.06--- <b>$16</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.07--- <b>$15</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.08--- <b>$14</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.09--- <b>$13</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.10--- <b>$12</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.11--- <b>$11</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 2.12--- <b>$10</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 3.01-3.12--- <b>$9</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 4.01-4.12--- <b>$8</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 5.01-5.12--- <b>$7</b></p>  
                                 <p><d>*</d> 6.01-6.12--- <b>$6</b></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 7.01-7.12--- <b>$5</b></p>
                                 <br />

        <h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab22')" class="tabhead">Section 8:  FA AUCTION</a></h3>
<div id="Tab22" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> All Free Agents will be available in this Proxy Bidding (Ebay style) auction.  For more info on Bidding process click link <a href="http://www68.myfanta...bidding&L=36134" target=_blank">Help Center</a></p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> All players will start with a minimum bid of $5</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Bids must be placed in increments of $1</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Players will be awarded to the team that holds the high bid for 24 hours</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> 15 players max can be up for Auction at one time</p>
                                 <br />  

<h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab23')" class="tabhead">Section 9: POSITION CHANGES</a></h3>
<div id="Tab23" style="display:none">
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> Rush Linebackers will have their position changed to Defensive End in this league.  Meaning all 3-4 outside LB's will be considered DE's</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Players can be added or removed from this list with a league vote during the off-season</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> This list will be kept updated periodically during the season, to ensure all players are at the right postition</p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><li>Anthony Spencer</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Nick Perry</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Brooks Reed</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Ryan Kerrigan</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Sam Acho</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Robert Mathis</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Quinton Groves</li> </p>
                                 <p><li>Justin Houston</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Courtney Upshaw</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Albert McClellan</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Calvin Pace</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Will Smith</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Whitney Mercilus</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Jabaal Sheard</li></p>  
                                 <p><li>Dezmon Moses</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Bryan Thomas</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Jason Worlids</li></p>    
                                 <p><li>Shaun Phillips</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Melvin Ingram</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Rob Jackson</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Demarcus Ware</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Aldon Smith</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Terrell Suggs</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Tamba Hali</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Connor Barwin</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Von Miller</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Antwan Barnes</li></p>
                                 <p><li>James Harrison</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Brian Orakpo</li></p>
                                 <p><li>LaMaar Woodley</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Cameron Wake</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Ahmad Brooks</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Kamerion Wimbley</li></p>            
                                 <p><li>Clay Matthews</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Paul Krugar</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Chris Kelsay</li></p>
                                 <p><li>Mario Williams</li></p>
                                 <p><li>O'Brien Schofield</li></p>
                                 <br />

        <h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab24')" class="tabhead">Section 10:  TRADING</a></h3>
<div id="Tab24" style="display:none">
                                 <br />  
                                 <p><d>*</d> Owners may trade players and draft picks for the current season, as well as the next season</p>      
                                 <p><d>*</d> Players traded will keep their current salary and contract years</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Trades are final once other team accepts the offer.  No commissioner approval needed</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> No cap Hit</p>
                                 <br />

        <h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab25')" class="tabhead">Section 11:  POOL'S</a></h3>
<div id="Tab25" style="display:none">                
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> Owners will have the opportunity to increase team salary cap with doing each of the Pools on MFL</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Winner of NFL Pick'em Pool gets a $25 Salary increase next season</p>        
                                 <p><d>*</d> Winner of Fantasy Pick'em Pool gets a $25 Salary increase next season</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d> Winner of Survivor Pool gets a $25 Salary increase next season</p>
                                 <br />


        <h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab26')" class="tabhead">Section 11:  TAXI SQUAD BID/RAID</a></h3>
<div id="Tab26" style="display:none">                
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d>Players drafted in the current season are given a 1 year pass and can't be bid on.    
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d><b>Compensation cannot be a pick from a future season, unless the current year's draft is over, in which case it can be a pick from the next year</b></p></font>

                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d>Players in their 2nd year, can be raided off another teams TS, by the compensation as follows:</p></font>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><a2> <b>1st round picks - 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick</b</a2></p>
                                 <p><a2> <b>2nd round picks - 1st round pick</b></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2> <b>3rd round picks - 2nd round pick</b></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2> <b>4th round picks - 3rd round pick</b></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2> <b>5th round picks - 4th round pick</b></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2> <b>6th round picks - 5th round pick</b></a2></p>
                                 <p><a2> <b>7th round picks - 6th round pick</b></a2></p>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d>Players in their 3rd year and up get compensation of the round they were drafted in</p></font>
                                 <p><d>*</d>Free Agents can be bid on with a 7th round pick the following year</p></font>
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d>1.  Owner wishing to raid another owners TS, must post what player, what year and round he was drafted, plus the pick compensation they are sending</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d>2.  Raiding owner will then send the trade offer to the current owners team.  In the comments the raiding owner must put "Taxi Squad Bid"</p>
3.  At the moment the trade is sent and the 48 hour timer begins</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d>4.  The owner being raided has 48 hours to reject the trade</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d>5.  They must then reply to the message board topic "Taxi Squad Bids" , and post that they wish to keep the player being raided</p>
                                 <p><d>*</d>6.  The owner must then promote the player and assign them a contract, like we do with taxi squad promotions</p>
                                 <br />


        <h3><p><b></b></p><a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('Tab27')" class="tabhead">Section 13:  RULE CHANGES</a></h3>
<div id="Tab27" style="display:none">                
                                 <br />
                                 <p><d>*</d> From the conclusion of the week 16 game until the new NFL Season Begins, any League Rule can be changed with 75% majority vote. At any other time, any League Rules can be changed with 100% majority vote</p></font>        
                                 <br />

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