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MFL is outdated and feels old

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#1 glenn4dde



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Posted 30 August 2021 - 09:49 AM



Am I the only person who feels strongly that MFL needs to get with the times?  I feel like everything good in MFL has come from customers helping customers and all of the updates from MFL have been so minor over the last 20 years.  This site still looks and feels like it was designed in the 90s.  Look at CBS, Yahoo, ESPN, etc... they all look and feel so much cleaner and current.


I get it, MFL is the best of the best when it comes to features and customization, but the look and feel is just so dated to me.  The only reason we stick around is because it's the only site that allows 24 teams and players to be drafted twice in the league.  We essentially have 2 12 team leagues.  I'm sad to say, after 20 years, we might leave if another option came up.  We are paying $160 just so I can spend hours and hours every year to try to update the site correctly.


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Posted 30 August 2021 - 11:28 AM

MFL is the only platform that does a variety of league formats, their back end is tremendous, if you want a APP front end, then use the MFL platinum app on devices it might be a good work around for those who want a APP.


Ultimately you can open a ticket with them to voice your concerns, as no one from MFL reads these forums.


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Posted 30 August 2021 - 08:28 PM

I'm with you glenn4dde. We pay the same amount and in some years past spent double that to have the site customized. Back then most of the other sites were take it or leave it when it came to league options, but I see more vendors creeping in with lots of customization. Those sites have the advantage of building new v re-building a legacy system that I'm sure has volumes of code worked out over the years.


The saving grace for us at the moment is the generous work of Habman and TOS in developing all the added modules and coming up with a really nice one-click template. Logical, clean, and much more modern feel v standard MFL stuff. We went with the light version that lets you pick your own theme and put in our league colors as the default setting. Sprinkle in some custom graphics and the gang loves it. Just got a really nice comment today from one of our more exacting members. It would be a big deal for us to uncouple from MFL because of the graphics we add in for awards (lots of them), banners, helmets, franchise football cards, etc. That and all the weekly write ups we have going back 12 years, the integrated history, a league history narrative. Doing this all over would be a pain. 


I do hope they invest in modernizing the platform front end so they don't lose any of the customer base - I'd prefer to keep it rolling.  I see some of the "expert advice" sites I subscribe to that used to be MFL fans now mention or partner with newer competitors.  In fact I heard a couple of podcast last week where guys talked about their rankings compared to ADP and they had disclaimers about not including MFL describing it as mostly "home leagues". Ironically, MFL had the reputation as being the hardcore league platform when we first signed up 12 years ago.


Anyhow, as was said, no one from the MFL will read this rant. My guess is our thoughts are not news to MFL. They can see what is going on around them and likely see some attrition as a result.

#4 Screaming Eagle

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Posted 04 September 2021 - 06:50 PM

I made a rant post like this years ago. They've updated some things since then, but not a ton. You have to add custom code to make it feel even slightly up with the times.

I think the biggest problem they have, is they keep adding different apps/code that doesn't really work together.

The new scoreboard is a step in the right direction. The submit lineup page needs an upgrade badly.

My biggest issue is the horrendous menu. Everything that you need for your league is crammed under 2 menus. Reports and for owners. I don't use this site all the time anymore, so it takes me forever to find the different pages that I'm looking for.

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