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Remove Franchise Icons From Some Reports

30 March 2020 - 06:10 AM

I want to remove all instances of displaying Franchise Icons from most reports - basically, just display them in the Standings Report, Summary Report, Message Board, Roster Report & Live Scoreboard


Can this be done?


-- Mitch



Week 18 Scores Not Populating

05 January 2020 - 08:37 PM

Week 18's scores in my playoff league are not populating.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


If not, maybe a 2nd set of eyes looking at my settings would tell me why?





PROgnosticators (2019 - 20) - Back & Better Than Ever

17 December 2019 - 01:56 PM

Update:  01/02/20



Six spots remain.  Take one and the $1 adm fee will be waived, but hurry, sign-ups will close tomorrow.  Mention this post.


Update:  12/30/19


Ten spots remain. 


Update:  12/27/19


Thirteen (13) spots left.  Sounds lucky to me  :lol:


You can:

  • Participate in a commercial contest probably against thousands of others and probably pay a high "rake" and/or
  • Suffer through the "Withdrawals" and not do anything football-related during the Playoffs and/or
  • Compete in League managed by a 'Seasoned Commissioner" against a relatively small number of avid Fantasy Football Addicts. (Capped at 90 Teams)

Hmmm . . . I know what I would do.  What about you?




Update:  12/21/19
Approximately 25 Spots Left.
Come-On Down.  You'll Be Glad You Did.
Can you believe it? The NFL Playoffs are just around the corner and with the Playoffs comes the infallible PROgnosticators 3.0.
This years version resurrects some of the tried and true features of years past, but with a couple of enhancements and twists. Here's a rundown -[/size]

  • Its a total points league. 
  • There is no IDP, head-to-head match ups or any type of player moves.
  • The duration of the contest is four weeks - starting with the Wildcard games and ending with the Superbowl.
  • Only NFL players participating in the Playoffs may be drafted.    
  • Everyone can have the same player.  And no, there has never been a tie among the winners.   
  • Once you selected your Roster, you're done.  The software will pick the highest scoring players for your lineup. "Best Ball".   
  • Rosters are flexible:  2 QBs, 3 RBs, 4 WRs. 2 TEs, 2 PKs, 2DST/STs & 2 Flex Players (RBs, WRs, or TEs). A total of 17 spots.    
  • Starting lineups are automatically chosen for you including one flex player in a 10-man formation.
  • LuckyDogs' standard scoring, (TD & Performance), which includes 1½ points for a TE reception will be utilized.
  • For the last week all scoring will be doubled- offering the opportunity to adjust your strategy when choosing a roster and give you a greater chance to make up serious ground to catch the leaders (if its not you).
  • The league is limited to 90 franchises - a maximum of three per household. You're not competing against hundreds or even thousands.
  • Depending on how many teams you want, the entry fee is $21 for one, $41 for two r $61 for three. There no exorbitant rake that comes playing in a commercial site.    
  • Zelle, where there are no fees, will be the primary method of payment of the entry fee and the disbursement of winnings.  LeagueSafe will not be used, their fees are out-of-sight, but an alternate method may be used for an additional processing fee .   
  • No less than 15 owners will receive prize money.  If there are 90 teams, the highest scoring team will receive $600.  This amount will be adjusted based on the actual number of paid entries.
  • The Rules can be found on the HomePage.  Make sure you read up on them since the first commandment of playing fantasy football is "Know The Rules"

So [/size]if your Fantasy Teams(s) ended up in the dumper, you're on a [/size]winning-streak, you are a newbee, you're a Fantasy Football Fanatic, [/size](like me), or you need to wean yourself off Football when the Regular [/size]Season is over, this could be the League for you.  Besides, its a [/size]Blast !![/size]
Don't miss out, signup is FCFS. [/size]
Send me an E-Mail containing the following - Your Name, how many spots you want their name(s), City/State/Zip, E-Mail Address and Contact Phone (Cell).[/size]
History says that all these limited number of team spots will eventually fill and waiting could lead to disappointment.  Don't procrastinate!   Currently, over two-thirds of the spots have been claimed.[/size]

Links -
   HomePage (2019 - 2020)
   Written Rules


Remove Horizontal Line In Column

15 December 2019 - 08:33 AM



I'm stuck.  I can't seem to find the right sequence of coding to remove the Horizontal Line above 'Quick Clicks" in the left column as depicted in the attached image.


Can some one lead me into the light?


PROgnosticators Link --> http://www62.myfanta...19/home/47453#0




Thanks in advance.



Position Count For Total Points League

13 December 2019 - 04:55 AM

Hey Hab,


Back in 2017 you offered-up a Position Count Script to use for Contest Leagues in this post -->  http://forums.myfant...=35435&p=189829


I have a post-season League PROgnosticators 3.0 in the works where its a set `em and leave it, total points and best ball league where an owner picks his fixed roster via Option 256 (Add/Drops) and it would be helpful if the code for the contest script could be tweaked/adapted to accommodate this setup.


League Link:  PROgnosticators 3.0


If it can't be done, you don't have the time or the inclination for such a project - I'll completely understand.  Its something I believe would be helpful to the owners when choosing their roster.



-- Mitch