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Dynasty Startup - Six Spots Open in 12 Team PPR, See Settings Below

25 May 2020 - 09:40 AM

Hey everyone,


Please email me at zarbeitel@gmail.com with any interest in the only 4 remaining spots open in this 12 team Dynasty startup. This is a year round league and we are seeking owners who are interested in this as such. Let me know if you have any questions or need any further clarity. Thanks for your interest and please see below for all rules and settings.


- KnightAndDay


    Basic Settings
o    Dynasty Platform: Sleeper 
o    Draft Type: Offline Slow Draft at a TBD date
    The first year of the league will be drafted through a snake draft
    Draft order will be randomized for the first year only to determine the snake draft order 
    After the first year of the league, draft rules will follow Offseason Additional Rules below
o    # of Teams: 12 Teams
o    League Fee: $200 per owner, to be sent via check or PayPal 
    Payout structure to also be confirmed by league vote, including inclusion of weekly winners 
o    Head-to-Head Scoring, starting Week 1
    Fractional and negative points are allowed 
o    Trades
    No maximum number of acquisitions, including trades
    Trade reject time is 2 days 
    Trade end date to be voted on by league members
    Draft picks and dynasty assets can be traded 
    Trade review and approval to be confirmed by League Commissioner  
o    FAAB Waivers
    Post draft players will follow standard FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) waiver rules 
    A further breakdown can be provided if requested
    When a player is dropped by an owner and is placed onto waivers, X player sits on waivers and must be bid on (see below note on bidding) to be acquired 
    Each owner will be allotted $100 “dollars” which will reset at the end of each season
    FAAB tiebreakers where both owners bid the same dollars will be decided by the owner with the worse record being rewarded the player  
    Should an owner spend their allotted $100 before season’s end, the owner will still be allowed to bid $0 on a player but may not bid any additional dollars 
    Note: FAAB waiver dollars cannot be traded
o    Playoff weeks will be 14, 15 and 16 (6 teams) with top two teams receiving first round byes 
    There are no playoff reseedings and no league divisions
o    Roster positions to be voted on by league members but suggested starting lineup is
    QB / WR / WR / RB / RB / TE / FLEX, FLEX, K, DST, 10 BENCH spots
    FLEX can be a WR, RB or TE
    Three (3) injured reserve (IR) slots 
    Three (3) Taxi Squad slots 
    Applies to only rookies that were selected by a pick in your rookie draft
    Players on the taxi squad are not eligible to be placed into the starting lineup
    In the case where a rookie starts contributing much quicker than expected and an owner wants to use the player in their lineup, then they would have to promote him off of the taxi squad and make room for him on the regular active roster by cutting a different player like they would for a normal waiver claim
    These players do NOT count against your roster limit 
    A player can sit on your Taxi Squad for a maximum of two seasons, including the season where the player was drafted 
    There is no minimum number of players required to sit on the Taxi Squad 
    Offseason Additional Rules
o    During the offseason, each team will protect 15 players (including at least 1 K and 1 DST) and release any five (5) players
    You are required to drop these players exactly one week before the NFL draft 
o    Each off-season, following the NFL draft, there will be a 5-round rookie/free agent draft at a date TBD in which any players (or DST) not currently owned can be drafted 
o    Each off-season draft order will be determined by the regular season (and post-season) standings, with the worst team receiving the first pick of the rookie/free agent draft for the following year
    The owner with the worst record will pick first each draft round, followed by the owner with the second to worst record, etc.
o    Passing Yards: 25 yards per point, 1 point at 300 yards, 2 points at 400 yards
o    Passing TDs: 4 points 
o    Interceptions: -1 point 
o    Rushing Yards: 10 yards per point, 1 point at 100 yards, 2 points at 200 yards
o    Rushing TDs: 4 points 
o    Receptions: 1 point per reception 
o    Receiving Yards: 10 yards per point, 1 point at 100 yards, 2 points at 200 yards 
o    Receiving TDs: 6 points 
o    Return TDs: 6 points 
o    2-Point Conversions: 2 points 
o    Fumbles Lost: -2 points
o    Offensive Fumble Return TD: 6 points 
o    Fields Goals 0-19 Yards: 3 points 
o    FGs 20-29 Yards: 3 points
o    FGs 30-39 Yards: 3 points
o    FGs 40-49 yards: 4 points
o    FGs 50+ Yards: 5 points
o    Points After Attempt Made: 1 point 
    Defense/Special Teams
o    Sack: 1 point
o    Interception: 2 points
o    Fumble Recovery: 2 points
o    Touchdown: 6 points
o    Safety: 2 points
o    Block Kick: 2 points
o    Kickoff and Punt Return TDs: 6 points
o    Points Allowed 0 points: 10 points
o    PA 1-6 points: 7 points
o    PA 7-13 points: 4 points
o    PA 14-20 points: 1 point
o    PA 21-27 points: 0 points
o    PA 28-34 points: -1 points 
o    PA 35+ points: -4 points
o    Extra Point Returned: 2 points