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Trades that are invalid...

30 May 2020 - 10:17 AM

Can we go back to the original way?  when a player gets traded away and other owners has that same traded player in an offer which when the trade is accepted and players are on the new team, the trade offers with that team's traded player be removed automatically? 


I have never had anyone in my league (19 years) ask me about "where did a trade offer go?"  They know when they see the trade accepted message or review the transaction list, that the player is no longer on the original team...


I have had more owners ask me about this invalid trade message.   but with this invalid trade - player no longer on team, this is just something that is not necessary and is confusing on the other end, as is the trade still legal if I accept it.  I know the answer to this question, but...  once the player has moved teams, if any trade offer in the league has that player in an offer, automatically remove it... as in the past.