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Need 2 Drafting tonight - $40 - 12 Team - LeagueSafe

04 September 2020 - 05:13 PM

   E-mail me at brett.rosene@gmail.com if you want a spot.  The league is on My Fantasy league

    Draft Day: Friday, Sept 4th @ 7:30 PM (Central Time)

    Entry Fee: $40.00

    Draft Type: Auction

    Teams: 12


    This league is SuperFlex with PPR.  Auction Salary Keeper League

    See attached links for scoring and settings:

    Scoring:  https://www69.myfant...ns?L=46289&O=09

    Settings:  https://www69.myfant...ns?L=46289&O=26


$40 Auction 12 Team Keeper PPR Leaguesafe 1st Year League

27 August 2020 - 06:39 PM

Looking for 8 owners in a first year league.  Have four in and paid.  The draft is Friday, Sept 4th at 7:30 pm central time.  Here is an overview and I have put a link to the scoring settings.  Hit me up if interested.  e-mail: brett(dot)rosene(at)gmail.com


League Scoring:  https://www69.myfant...ns?L=46289&O=09


League:  12 team auction dynasty/keeper league.  The 20 player roster
+ 3 IR, 8 team playoffs, games 12 through 14.  Playoffs are top seven
teams with Best Record and tie breaker being most points scored.  The
eighth playoff position will go to the team with the most regular
season points that didn't get one of the other top seven playoff spots. 
Schedule will be randomized every year.


Roster:   The rosters will be 20 players and 3 IR spots.  There are
no kickers or defenses in this league.  This is a Superflex league.  The
starting roster will be 10 Starters = (1) QB, (2) RB, (3) WR, (1) TE, 
(2) Flex (RB, WR, TE) & (1) SF (QB, RB, WR, TE).

Draft:  Each team receives $400.00 in fake money to bid on players. 
Draft will be an auction draft every year.   The draft will be held
before week one of the NFL regular season.  Owners are required to fill
all 20 player spots on their rosters in this start-up auction.  After a
player is bid and won, his dollar value will carry through until that
player is dropped by a team.  If the player is traded, he will maintain
the dollar value he was drafted with until that player is dropped.  Each
year a player is owned by a team, his dollar value will increase by
$5.00 per year until that player is dropped.  If a team decides to keep a
player his dollar value will be deducted from their $400.00 draft
fund.  Each team must be at or under the $400.00 requirement each year
one week before the draft.   The deadline to set your keepers is one
week from the date the auction draft is set to start.  Commissioner will
post giving advance notice.  All team managers must move players off IR
when submitting keepers.

Post Draft Salary Cap:  Once the draft is completed, the waiver wire
will open and each team can exceed the salary cap.  The salary cap only
applies at the beginning of the year two weeks before the draft till the
draft is complete.  Once the draft is complete everyone can exceed the
cap without penalty.

Free Agency:  Free agency will be blind bidding.  Each team will have
a separate fund of $200.00 in fake money to blind bid on free agents. 
Once a player is won through blind bidding, his value will maintain
until that player is dropped.  If that player is traded, he will
maintain the dollar value he was bid with until that player is dropped. 
Each year a player is owned by a team his dollar value will increase by
$5.00 per year until that player is dropped.  If said player was kept
on a teams roster his value would be deducted from the teams $400.00
draft fund.

Collection of Money:  League fees will be paid annually into
leaguesafe, no later than the start of the new league year.  No
transaction or other league activity will be allowed until fees are
paid.  Once the deadline passes the commissoner has the right to sell
the team to a paying party.  Annual league dues will be $40.00 dollars. 

Prize Money:  League prize money will be paid out within 10 days of
the completion of the championship.  Money will be helad in leaguesafe
with majority vote for payout approval.  The host site "My Fantasy
League" (MFL) charges a fee to use the site.  The payouts are based on
the money left after the website hosting fee has been deducted.  Commish
will post the recipt in the message board so all team owners know how
much will be deducted to cover the hosting site charge.  Payouts: 1st
(Champion) = 50%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 15% & Most Regular Season Points
Scored = 10%. 

Season Cancellation:  Guidelines if season ends early.  If the season
is cancelled prior to week eleven the league will be considered lost
and everyone's entry fee will be forwarded to next year 2021-2022
season. Additionally, if the season is ended after week 11 but before
the playoffs have been played we will allocate winnings like they do in
golf – if 3 people have the best record after 11 weeks, there will be no
tiebreaker and they will split the prize pool of 1st-3rd and Most
Points Scored will go to the teams with the most points scored after
week 11.