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silly (?) CSS query

14 February 2021 - 09:00 AM

this has been bugging me for years and THIS off-season I'm finally going to fix it.


There are multiple pages in an MFL league that have small black print usually at the bottom (non-affiliation notices and other required legalese and the like) but that font class is used other places as well.  We've been able to avoid HAVING to "see" it for years.  But THIS year is different.  We're using the tabbed rosters report and the team names appear in that small black font.


Now I COULD set our league to display icon instead of name throughout but that's not the "look" we want.  So that solution is out.  It leaves the following potential solutions, each of which SHOULD be simple (to paraphrase Kevin Williamson - EVERYTHING's simple when you don't know a damned thing about it)

1:  use CSS to change the tabbed browser report to display icons instead of names in the selection menu

2:  figure out what that font class is and change IT to display with a background color or image in the CSS.  I've chased that li'l bugger for multiple seasons and for the LIVE of me I can't find it!


link:  https://www54.myfant...21/home/63872#0


tips, suggestions, guidance and/or other solutions much appreciated



Roster management page

15 January 2021 - 11:00 AM

realize I'm getting greedy here..... have poked around and found several things that look close, and perhaps this isn't do-able (or it's BEEN done and I'm just not finding it - if so, apologies in advance)


how about a roster management page?  Combines add/drop, trade reviews, lineup reporting and "list moving" (to/from IR, Taxi and active.)  All the player movement stuff - with salary, contract and perhaps YTD scoring?

Front page modules "missing"

09 December 2020 - 07:59 AM

Got up this morning.  Site looked fine.  I input playoff seeding.  And thereafter my mods vanished.  Front page usually displays standings, transactions, owner activity, all below marquee, helmets and a changing mod which currently is "player news".




which of you whiz-bangs can tell me what I screwed up?


and now appears fixed?  so nevermind?