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What is your League's Roster/Lineup Requirements

Lineup Roster Setup Flex Rules

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#1 Kevin S

Kevin S


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Posted 05 December 2018 - 12:16 PM

I've been listening to Fantasy Sports radio on SiriusXM lately and hear these guys saying stuff like, "After the bye weeks are over, you shouldn't have 2 Defenses (or 2 Kickers) on your roster.  In my league, I've always made it mandatory to keep 2 Kickers and 2 Defenses, therefore keeping owners from being able to hoard too may players in in other positions (QBs, RBs or WRs).  So it made me wonder, what do other leagues have as their Roster/Lineup Requirements.  This might be something I want to change in the future.  Here's my league:


12-team League, 18-Player Rosters, 2 IR spots, 10-player Lineups.


Roster (18 players)

QB 2

RB 4-6

WR/TE 6-8

PK 2

Def 2


Lineup (10 players)

QB 1

RB 2-3

WR/TE 4-5

PK 1

Def 1


I haven't changed roster/lineup requirements in two years and it seems to be working pretty good.  I am thinking of removing an IR spot on each team or lowering the roster size to 16, in order to make the free agent pool a little bigger.  But undecided right now.  

#2 bonscott



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Posted 05 December 2018 - 12:34 PM

Honestly it all comes down to the balance you want between between rostered players and available free agents.  


In my league we require 2 PK at all times.  We do IDP so no team defense.  Other then that your roster is full on flex.  You want 5 QBs and only 1 RB, have at it.  Want 6 LB and only 1 QB?  Rock on.  The 2 PK requirement dates back 20 years when rosters were ridged in their requirements and people weren't paying attention as much and wouldn't make a transaction to pick up a kicker on a bye week.  Now we have more investment so it's not a problem with that.  We actually had a movement this past year to eliminate the 2nd kicker requirement.  But it failed a vote.  I was against it although I voted for it just to shut up the cry babies...but it still failed.  Reason against it is the waiver wire is thin enough as it is halfway thru the season, if everyone dumps a kicker then you're talking 10-12 less position players available which makes a pretty big deal.  I said if you want to do that then we need to reduce roster size by 1 to compensate because after many years we finally have a good balance of waiver wire vs. roster and I don't want to mess that up.  Majority agreed.


12 team league, Roster size of 28 with 2 required to be kickers.


1 QB

1 RB

1 WR

1 TE

3 Flex (RB/WR/TE)

1 PK

2 DL

2 LB

2 DB

2 Flex IDP


Before adding IDP we had 17 rosters spots fully flex with 2 required kickers and 2 required def.


#3 quickolas1



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Posted 05 December 2018 - 06:57 PM

16 teams... start...
QB 1
RB 1
WR 2
TE 1

TE gets 1.5 PPR and 0.12 per yard to give them a chance to be flexible. Flex-a-ble?

No bench position "have-to"s... this isn't Nazi Germany.

Been trying to get the Kicker voted out... getting more converts each year and it gets nominated every year now... maybe next year the vote count will get there to finally do away with it.

I'd never play in a 10 team league that only starts 6 total RB/WR/TE. Amateur hour. Really at this point, I probably wouldn't consider anything smaller than a 14 team league.

#4 BobA



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Posted 06 December 2018 - 11:22 AM

League I commish:

12 teams

1 ppr for rb, 1/2 ppr for receivers

16 spots plus 1 IR (must be NFL IR'd) No position max/min


1 qb,

2 rb

3 wr/te

1 k

1 flex rb/wr/te


Dynasty league I play in (and enjoy)

16 teams 1 PPR

22 spots (26 from draft to opening game) No IR No position max/min


1 qb

2 rb

3 wr

1 te

1 k

2020 League Home


The Ed Hughes Football League, Since 1980
2020...Our 41st Season!! 

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