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Tracking changes on Injury Report

05 November 2018 - 10:47 AM

The MFL injury report is updated regularly throughout a given week. 


On Tuesday morning at 4:00 am eastern the injury report is updated one last time and that version is stored for the week that has just completed and you can access those weekly reports here: http://www68.myfanta...com/2018/injury


This final weekly report is just not sufficient for my leagues IR rules and we require better tracking of changes to the injury report throughout the week especially the exact date and time a player is no longer on the injury report. 


With this idea in mind I created a report that does just that.  I have a script on my personal server that checks the MFL injury report every 5 minutes and if there is an update to a player then that information (date and time along with the changes) are recorded.


I started recording the changes on Saturday November 4 at 4:00pm so any updates prior to that were from the weekly stored files for weeks 1 to 8.  


Here is a link to the report generated: http://www.habman.co...njuryReport.php


In this report you can drill down on any player and all the changes to their injury status will be reported (only weekly changes from weeks 1 to 8 but any change after November 4 at 4:00pm).


There are a few filtering options to condense the report to make it less convoluted.


I eventually want to have options so that it can be owner specific so that you can see only players that you own across all your leagues but I am not there yet.


I thought I would share since maybe someone else may be able to use a report like this for their league.  

POPUPS - Addon

27 September 2018 - 03:12 PM

I have been using the following add on for my leagues since last year and I thought I would share.


If you are using the POPUP script located here: http://forums.myfant...showtopic=35518


you can also include the following addon which will attach the following notifications to the menu if/when they become active: 

  • trade offer icon
  • new message board post icon
  • new private message icon
  • new poll icon to the main menu 
  • trade awaiting review
  • pending trade to approve (commish only)

This can all be placed in a footer message (or header message so long as it appears after the POPUP script)  must be in footer


Here is the relevant CSS:



Here is the javascript/html:

var enableAddonNewPM = true;
var enableAddonNewPost = true;
var enableAddonPoll = true;
var enableAddonTrade = true;

<div id="message_board_check" style="display:none"><module name="MESSAGE_BOARD_SUMMARY"/></div>
<div id="poll_check" style="display:none"><module name="POLL_SUMMARY"/></div>
<div id="poll_check" style="display:none"><module name="POLL"/></div>
<div id="trade_check" style="display:none"><module name="TRADES"/></div>

<script src="//www.nitrografixx.com/MFL-Popups/popup-addon.js"></script> 


It has worked great for our leagues so it has been tested but if you find issues please post and I will try to help you out.

Mini Chat 2

06 September 2018 - 02:48 PM

This chat builds off of MFL's default chat.


It will stick to the bottom right of all pages 


It is completely compatible with MFL's default chat and the 2017 MFL Chat Addon.


It will require jQuery in your header if it is not already installed

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.12.0/jquery.min.js"></script> 


Paste the code below in a home page message and mark it as footer (alternatively if you already have a home page message that is being used as a footer then just include it there)


Edit the style as needed.

#minichat2_wrapper {background-color:#fff;border:1px solid #555;}
#minichat2_caption {background-color:#000;}
#minichat2_container tr {background-color:#000}
#minichat2_container tr.oddtablerow {background-color:#000}
.minichat2_blink {color:white;background-color:red!important}
.minichat2_blinkText {}
#minichat2_chatTable tr.oddtablerow {background-color:#1c1c1c!important}
#minichat2_chatTable img {height:20px; width:auto;}
#minichat2_chatTable .minichat2_icon {}
#minichat2_chatTable .minichat2_logo {}

#minichat2_privateMessageWrapper span {font-size:smaller;}
#minichat2_privateMessageWrapper select {font-size:smaller;}

#minichat2_onlineTitle {font-size:smaller}
#minichat2_onlineList {font-size:smaller}
var minichat2_displayMessages = 8;

var minichat2_useIcon = true; //If all options set to false then Franchise Name will be displayed
var minichat2_useLogo = true; //otherwise any of the options which are set to true and are not empty
var minichat2_useNick = true; //will be used with priority of Icon, Logo and lastly Nick.

var minichat2_bottomUp = true;

var minichat2_includeTime = true;
var minichat2_includePrivateMessage = true;
var minichat2_includeUsersOnline = true;

var minichat2_enableSmartRead = true; //Since chat will be on every page this, if enabled, will reduce xml requests if there is no chat activity

<script src="//www.habman.com/mfl/apps/js/minichat2.js"></script>



I will repost a link TOS's site for the js file when available.


Here is a working example (see bottom right of page) http://www81.myfanta...2018/home/40006