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32 Team Carbon Copy League Looking for new Owners (4 Teams available!)

Dynasty ppr deep dynasty 32 team taxi squad carbon copy idp

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Posted 17 June 2019 - 09:48 AM

Last 3 League Champions:
2019: 3G Saints
2018: Messukyla Texans
2017: Samcro Seahawks
32 teams, organized into the NFL structure, bearing NFL franchise names.
· 53 man rosters, 8 man taxi squad, IR, etc. built to mimic NFL, expanded to 65 during off season.
· 21 starters, balanced between offensive positions and defense for realism. 
· Playoff structure that mimics the NFL. 
· Annual rookie-only draft occurring soon after the NFL draft. 
· Annual off season supplemental draft and blind bidding waivers.
· Sign players off opposing franchises practice squad for a price.
· In order to allow for 32 teams yet 53 players and a normal level of starters, there are two copies of each NFL player in the league although you can only own one copy of the player at any time. This adds many extra trading opportunities, strategy around drafts and an increased chance of rostering your favorite players.
· Large prize pools with 100% payouts less MFL league fees of $70/yr approx. 
· Designed to last for the long haul with league parity in mind to re-balance each year so the league stays competitive.
· Extra compensatory rookie draft picks, holdover of 25% of prize money years 1-4 in order to have double prizes (Super Pool Concept) every 5 years. We are entering year 6 (Year 1 in terms of the 5 year Super Pot Cycle)!
· League Fees: $250 per year; $250 due at sign up (Covers 2019 AND 50% of 2020 league dues ($125 DISCOUNT)).
The league currently has 4 Orphaned Teams left. The ROD will include 7 teams this off season. Please see the Google Spreadsheet with lists of teams and players available:
Upon finding replacements for all orphaned teams there will be a Replacement Owner’s draft with the following rules:
All replacement owners will participate in the Replacement Owners Draft. Including if a team was previously picked up by a new owner under the assumption there would not be a Replacement Owners draft, and remade their team through free agency and/or have traded picks/players.
B) If EVERY replacement owner agrees, the replacement owners draft will be canceled with all teams keeping their players and draft picks.
c) When the replacement owners draft begins, all participating owners will relinquish all players and draft picks to the free agency pool. 
d) A 65 round 3RR message board draft will be used, with position determined randomly. The draft will be held using the free agency pool, with draft position determined randomly. Each team must draft 1, and only 1, set of draft picks. They may select them with one of their picks, of their choosing. By choosing a better set of draft picks early, they are forgoing a chance at drafting a better veteran player. Therefore, there will be an interesting strategy of exactly when to select a draft package. If only two teams were participating, and one selected a package with their 10th pick, the other team, for example, could wait until veteran draft pick 54 to select that set of rookie draft picks.
e) Replacement owner draft picks cannot be traded. Any current/future draft picks cannot be traded until after the replacement owner draft is complete. 
f) The draft will start 1 week after NFL free agency has commenced, or when last abandoned team is taken (with full payment of dues) if teams agree to begin immediately. 
g) Please note that if necessary the scheduled annual rookie draft will be delayed until this process is complete in order to ensure that all teams have active owners participating in that draft. The question might arise as to why have the Replacement Owners Draft. The key reason is that this will be an important way to attract new owners if/when multiple franchises have been abandoned. If for example we are trying to find 4 new owners and one of the abandoned franchises has a super stud like Todd Gurley, instead of the first owner snapping up that team, it will encourage all new owners to join as they will have a shot at Gurley.

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