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32 team dynasty with a raid

25 April 2020 - 02:34 PM

The Chosen Ones- https://www56.myfant...20/home/73069#0


32 team, 2 player copy, Devy,idp dynasty format with a 6 round purge event where teams will steal 6 players and lose 6 players each offseason.


Dues are $35 collected via leaguesafe


for the purge you protect 1 player at every position plus 1 wild card on both offense and defense.  As you lose a player, you protect another.  Players stolen can not be stolen again.


the purge will begin as soon as our 3 teams are filled;

Rookie draft picks

‘Detroit- 1.06, 2.06,2.18,3.06,4.06,6.06,6.28 (6th selection in purge)

Vault 101- 1.29, 2.05, 2.19, 3.05, 5.05, 6.05 (5th selection in purge)

Winterfell- 5.19, 6.19 (19th selection in purge)


if interested in a team, email calebplak@gmail.com

32 team, idp/ppr/Devy 2 openings $35

25 April 2020 - 02:17 PM

Hometown Heroes- https://www63.myfant...20/home/30394#0


this is a 32 team, 2 player copy league with Devy players available as well. 

$35 dues via leaguesafe


league is a dynasty format with a twist.  Each team has a ”hometown hero”.  That is a player from your nfl counterpart and can be replaced with an incoming rookie drafted by your team (no more than once every 3 seasons).   

the current teams available are;


kalamazoo- Tennessee Titans (Derrick Henry) (4th pick in every round)

WNY- Washington Redskins (Jordan Reed) (13th pick in every round)


if interested in a team, email calebplak@gmail.com

32 team, IDP, PPR, Devy needs 2 owners- Hometown Hero twist $35

19 June 2019 - 04:19 PM

Hometown Heroes is a dynasty format league with IDP, PPR, 2 devy, and weighted scoring to make all positions viable scoring options.


45 man rosters

8 man PS (claims can be made for players on PS)

2 man Devy

Must start a full 11 man IDP with some positional restrictions




The teams available are 12th man and Legion of Boom


The twist to our dynasty format is that you are given the ability to claim a Hometown Hero up to once every 3 years.  This player must come from your NFL counterparts incoming rookie draft picks.  You can claim one rookie from your NFL counterpart without having to wait and have the proper draft pick to acquire them.  So, these two teams are Cincinatti (Legion of Boom) and LA Chargers (12th man)  12th man has traded away his hero (Keenan Allen) so you will need to claim an incoming LA charger as your new hero.


Both teams will be awarded supplemental draft picks as the previous owners traded away future picks.


If you are interested, dues are $35 and we ask a 2 year commitment.  Please email me at calebplak@gmail.com or text me at (724) 504-9293.  We will begin our rookie draft 24 hours after these last two teams are filled.

2 orphans- 32 team IDP relegation format Dynasty. $35

24 May 2019 - 10:39 AM



We have 2 openings in our relegation format league.  32 teams, 3 tiers, playoffs and prizes for all 3 tiers as you work your way to the top.  Dues are $35 per season.


Large size rosters- 45 man, plus 8 PS, plus 2 Devy

Weighted scoring- IDP and all positions (DT/CB) have value in this league


Practice Squad players can be claimed from other owners


This is a competitive format, and requires an active and competitive owner.  If interested in building a longterm franchise, and climbing the ranks to the top tier in an effort to prove you are a dominant Fantasy Football force, please contact me at calebplak@gmail.com


Rosters are marked as (OPEN)