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32 team, IDP, PPR, Devy needs 2 owners- Hometown Hero twist $35

19 June 2019 - 04:19 PM

Hometown Heroes is a dynasty format league with IDP, PPR, 2 devy, and weighted scoring to make all positions viable scoring options.


45 man rosters

8 man PS (claims can be made for players on PS)

2 man Devy

Must start a full 11 man IDP with some positional restrictions




The teams available are 12th man and Legion of Boom


The twist to our dynasty format is that you are given the ability to claim a Hometown Hero up to once every 3 years.  This player must come from your NFL counterparts incoming rookie draft picks.  You can claim one rookie from your NFL counterpart without having to wait and have the proper draft pick to acquire them.  So, these two teams are Cincinatti (Legion of Boom) and LA Chargers (12th man)  12th man has traded away his hero (Keenan Allen) so you will need to claim an incoming LA charger as your new hero.


Both teams will be awarded supplemental draft picks as the previous owners traded away future picks.


If you are interested, dues are $35 and we ask a 2 year commitment.  Please email me at calebplak@gmail.com or text me at (724) 504-9293.  We will begin our rookie draft 24 hours after these last two teams are filled.

2 orphans- 32 team IDP relegation format Dynasty. $35

24 May 2019 - 10:39 AM



We have 2 openings in our relegation format league.  32 teams, 3 tiers, playoffs and prizes for all 3 tiers as you work your way to the top.  Dues are $35 per season.


Large size rosters- 45 man, plus 8 PS, plus 2 Devy

Weighted scoring- IDP and all positions (DT/CB) have value in this league


Practice Squad players can be claimed from other owners


This is a competitive format, and requires an active and competitive owner.  If interested in building a longterm franchise, and climbing the ranks to the top tier in an effort to prove you are a dominant Fantasy Football force, please contact me at calebplak@gmail.com


Rosters are marked as (OPEN)



32 team dynasty with Raid- PPR/IDP/Devy $35

15 March 2019 - 06:16 AM

The Chosen Ones- http://www56.myfanta...19/home/73069#0

Has two openings:

Wasco Swamp Foxes-
Strong Island

The teams will be inherited as is, but we will immediately be conducting our annual Purge.

The purge is a raid event where each team protects any Devy players, 1 player at each position, and 1 additional wildcard from any position.

We then hold a 6 round event, following our draft order, in which each team will lose and gain 6 players.  When you lose a player, you can protect an additional player.  All stolen players are protected and can not be re-stolen.

If interested, contact me at calebplak@gmail.com

Season in the dumps? Join our final 16 team expansion draft now!!!!

12 October 2018 - 03:50 PM

Gridiron Premiere Relegation league is opening up our final 16 team expansion draft!  We are at 80 teams and expanding to 96.  The final 16 teams will draft in season beginning as soon as we fill.  

You will have immediate league access for trades and access to our highly active groupme chat.

You will begin play in 2019.


Spots will go fast, this is a highly competitive and active league.  

3 tiers of 32 teams each, with playoffs and prize money available to all tiers and multiple side games to allow all teams a chance to win prize money even when rebuilding.

45 man rosters
8 man practice squads

If interested, we are filling the final 16 on a first come first served basis.  Contact me at calebplak@gmail.com.  Dues are $50 per season and we ask a 2 year commitment to start.  There is a one time $5 fee for team graphics.  Dues for all of our GFL leagues are collected at the league paypal account: campbell023@hotmail.com

We also have a few orphans to fill due to owners not meeting our activity requirements (including one tier 1 championship contender).  

This league is for highly active and competitive owners!

If interested in a new team or orphan email me immediately!!!

Paid owners will receive immediate access to our new teams first.  We want new owners for these last 16 spots, not GFL owners already involved in other GFL leagues.

(6-2) Orphan- Tier 1 team in 3 tier relegation 96 team league

02 October 2018 - 06:42 PM


Young nucleus of players

This is a highly active and competitive league.  Groupme app used for chat.  Idp ppr Devy with large rosters and 96 team format.  3 tiers of 32 teams.  This team will be a tier 1 team following next weeks promotion/demotion period.

If interested, please email calebplak@gmail.com

League dues are $50 a season and we ask a 2 year commitment to start: